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Hello again.

Well, then. Here were are again. has gone through a lot of changes in the past fifteen years (what?) and this is the newest incarnation. This space is now the place to find me, but also to find my work. NP1 Productions is here for your video and photo needs.

So what about the blog, then? I guess that'll be the subject of this first post... blogging just, well, died over the past few years. You can blame twitter for that. I have been there for years now and it essentially killed any desire I had for longform writing. Now it's all jokes, hot takes, and retweets. Sure, I still love to write, but on the older incarnations of the site, I had no direction. One post would be about a trip I just took, then I'd talk about a movie that came out eight years ago, but since I just saw it, I somehow need to write a review. Everyone will tell you that you that if you blog today, you have to have a focus.

So what am I focusing on? Filmmaking, videography, photography, acting, editing, gear, the business of being in this field... I guess you can say that it'll be the online diary of a freelancer, but engaging. At least I hope.

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